About the Colo

Well, it’s finally here. The long-awaited co-location of the ADED & NMEDA conferences (affectionately referred to as the “Colo,”) is coming to Columbus, Ohio this September.

Exhibitors, sponsors, vendors, and suppliers of any kind: you will get your booths, sponsorships, and/or a la carte registrations via the Auto Mobility Expo website. You will NOT go through the ADED or NMEDA websites, as in years past.

But not to worry! Auto Mobility Expo badges get you FULL ACCESS to everything, including all ADED* and NMEDA events, general sessions, education breakout sessions, awards banquets—the whole enchilada.

Ah, but what about the $10,000 question?

Will we really be able to have a live, in-person event? The answer: we hope so, and we are planning for it. We will know much more in the coming months, of course, but for now, all systems are GO.

So don’t be afraid to commit. All purchases will be FULLY REFUNDABLE in the event that the live show can’t happen as scheduled.

*Just one exception: anyone looking for CDRS contact hours MUST register via the ADED website.

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