About the Expo

Welcome to the Auto Mobility Expo!

Held in conjunction with the annual conferences of the premiere professional and trade associations in the industry, the Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists (ADED) and the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA), the Auto Mobility Expo offers your company an unprecedented opportunity to showcase your products & services before a comprehensive audience of auto mobility professionals.

A Unique Experience…

Auto mobility is an overarching term that includes a dynamic and diverse group of professionals all dedicated to one thing: ensuring that individuals with disabilities can drive and/or be transported safely. This is your chance to get up-close, personal quality time with the largest cross section of auto mobility decision-makers ever gathered in a single place.

  • ADED is an association of professionals working in the field of driver rehabilitation, evaluation, and training for persons with disabilities and the aging. The members are diverse, representing various healthcare, driver education, academia, and research professions.
  • NMEDA’s membership is primarily composed of mobility equipment dealers—highly specialized auto dealers that provide wheelchair accessible vehicles and the installation of adaptive equipment, such as lifts, hand controls, securements, and specialized seating.

Greater Than the Sum of Our Parts…

Each association has an individual history of strong registration and loyal attendees. Together, we are even better. Here’s what exhibitors have said about the expo:

  • “Having NMEDA & ADED together makes total sense.”
  • “Great interaction with first-time attendees, and people unfamiliar with our company/products!”
  • “The most valuable aspect of the expo was the amount of feedback I received from the OTs. The highlight for me was to find out what people need!”
  • “The value of having both events combined is amazing.”

A Schedule That Makes Sense…

The combined schedule of events for ADED, NMEDA, and the Auto Mobility Expo have been carefully crafted to maximize our busy members’ times away from their businesses, while giving our exhibitors maximum exposure to the attendees; 9 unopposed hours of face-to-face time.

  • Each of the three exhibit hall times (Saturday 6–9 pm, Sunday 10 am–2 pm, and Monday 10am–12 pm) features a meal in the expo, with food and seating primarily nestled in amongst the booths.
  • Special Soap Box Sessions and Product Presentation opportunities are also available.